Roxana has profound wisdom, knowledge, and experience of the admissions process. She truly listens to each family–the parent (s) and the child– and keeps all the various considerations and factors in mind. She ‘got’ us. And that’s pretty amazing. To know that you are seen and understood, that your aspirations and hopes for your child are taken seriously with deep thoughtful considerable, what better gift during a stressful and fraught process?

I cannot tell you how fantastic Adriana has been. Her guidance has been invaluable. Adriana has added an incredible amount of value to the process as well as for my husband and me. She has been instrumental in creating our child’s narrative.

We feel humbled and blessed that we were able to find the right school for our family (Horace Mann) and partnering with Smart City Kids was absolutely critical to helping us get there! Working with Smart City kids was like having our own personal coach to help navigate the complexities and nuances of the New York City school system. They comprehensively covered every aspect of the process, from initial planning and working out what was the right fit for our family to going deep throughout the process and even leveraging their own connections with the schools to help us achieve the outcomes that were right for us. We are absolutely thrilled with not only the outcome, but also the journey we have taken with Smart City Kids and recommend that anyone who is evaluating schooling for their child engage with their services.

— John doe

Erica is a true professional and her guidance has been absolutely critical in our journey navigating the complicated NY school system. With a background as a Director of Admissions herself and deep relationships with many in the industry, Erica understands the important elements of the process and provides clear guidance throughout all the steps. She took the time to intimately understand our child and our family’s needs, is always an absolute pleasure to work with and in many cases for us was a clear voice of reason, providing practical and valuable feedback. I would recommend Erica and Smart City Kids to anyone who is navigating the school system for their family. As someone who likes to do my own research, I learned so much from Erica that I wouldn’t have otherwise known and attribute much of our success in getting to the right school for our child thanks to Erica’s guidance.

— Jane Doe

Following a very successful experience with Erica and Smart City Kids for the 2s application process, it was a no brainer for us to work with her again for Pre-K 3s. Erica was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, leveraging her vast knowledge and experience to guide and prepare us for each step of the journey. Applying to competitive schools is a very stressful process, but Erica made us feel so much more comfortable that we were doing everything possible to succeed. She taught us all the tricks of the trade, and it certainly paid off. We would highly recommend Erica and Smart City Kids - for an experience that has the potential to be overwhelming, working with them gives you a sense of calm and confidence.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child – thank you endlessly for being part of our village!“

We feel fortunate that we discovered your company over 10 years ago. When friends ask me about school admissions, I always respond ‘Your first call should be to Smart City Kids without hesitation.’ Your team took time to get to know our child and family. There is a consistency in the SCK approach. SCK helped educate all of us as to what each school offers from both an academic and cultural perspective.

We received the official notice of acceptance today. We are overjoyed at this amazing opportunity for our family. We could not have done it without your support and guidance. We are eternally grateful.

Smart City Kids enabled our nursery school application process to be as seamless and stress free as possible. Our advisor took the time to really understand who we are as a family and what was important to us which was invaluable in helping us to select the best possible schools for our daughter. In addition, she was indispensable in preparing us for the application process and what to expect.

From downtown to the UWS, you were 100% invaluable every step of the way. I also just love talking about schools with you! Let’s please keep in touch.

I don’t know how (or if) I could have survived the last few months without you. Your put yourself, and your reputation, on the line for our family, and I will never forget that, or stop appreciating what you did for us. I truly believe that you changed the course of our kids’ lives, and you will be a cherished part of our family forever.

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