For the past 20 years, Smart City Kids educational consultants and advisors have successfully guided parents and children though the admissions process for entrance into Independent and Public Schools. We support families at all stages and aspects of their children’s educational journey, from nursery school through college, as well as special education.
Smart City Kids works with a wide variety of Independent Schools. We provide customized consulting and educational services to meet the demands of a range of programs, from newly established schools to long-standing institutions. We work on transitions in leadership, staffing needs, admissions and exmissions, marketing, communications, and messaging.

We provide workshops to comprehensively explain the admissions and financial aid processes. We customize these workshops to address the needs of each community and can offer workshops geared towards Nursery School and K-12. We also support corporations when they are recruiting new talent by helping to find schools for relocating families.


Roxana Reid, founder of Smart City Kids, Inc. (SCK), is a social worker, educational advisor, lawyer, and parent. Roxana has extensive experience with admissions, having served as a Trustee at Friends Seminary where she chaired the Admissions/Financial Aid Committee. She has managed the Kindergarten placement process for several highly regarded early childhood programs including the JCC of Manhattan, The Jewish Community Project (JCP), York Avenue Preschool and the Church of the Epiphany Nursery School.

As a parent, Roxana applied to nursery, independent, special education, public, boarding, and finally, college for her two children. With a deep understanding that the process of applying to schools is a daunting, frustrating, and an emotional endeavor, Roxana founded SCK in 2001 with the goal of streamlining the process for other families. Since its inception, SCK has expanded its services to include advising for students entering nursery school through college, special education, educational enrichment and corporate/institutional advising practices.

Mission Statement

Since its founding in 2001, Smart City Kids (SCK) has successfully guided families with expertise and sensitivity through the complexities of applying to schools. The mission of SCK is to be a village for all things education related, whether working with families to define their priorities and identify the educational profile for their student or partnering with schools and other organizations in support of their mission-driven goals.

Advisors work with students from nursery school through college, including special education and relocating families. As the leading admissions consulting group in its city, SCK collaborates closely with its clientele to reduce the stress of the admissions experience and to empower learners and their families with agency during the process of selecting a right fit educational program.

Our corporate and institutional advisory group provides guidance for all areas of school operations – admissions, exmissions, rebranding, marketing, strategic planning, communications, development, hiring and leadership transitions, and curricular initiatives. SCK remains engaged with school partners as long as necessary, offering regular accessibility for school leadership and stakeholders. SCK works diligently to thoroughly understand all aspects of each organization, and designs a collaborative process toward the achievement of institutional goals.

SCK also supports corporate clients by providing a broad range of employee workshops. The goal is to enhance employee work/life balance by detailing strategies and information at all levels of the educational process. Topics include admissions and financial aid for nursery school, lower, middle, and high school, college, and special education.
“School is where children spend the most amount of time and it should also be the place where they can reflect on who they are as a person, their family’s values, and how they hope to contribute to the world as an agent of change.

For our school and corporate partners, we define and structure operations to solve problems, enhance offerings and refine their goals in service to their communities.”

-Roxana Reid, Founder

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