Jane Gertler, Ed.D.

Special Education Consultant

Dr. Jane Gertler joins Smart City Kids as an Educational Consultant concentrating in advising families whose children are in need of special education services. Jane understands the unique needs and requirements of every child with special needs. She approaches the challenge of finding a fitting environment in which her clients’ children will thrive with sensitivity, knowledge, and experience.

As the former Director of The Office of Teaching and Learning at The Churchill School and Center, a K – 12 school for students with learning differences in New York City, Jane knows that finding the right school program is a complex task. She also knows the immeasurable joy parents feel when their child comes home from school with a smile, feeling good about themself, and looking forward to the next day. This knowledge is what guides her mission.

Before arriving at The Churchill School and Center, Dr. Gertler spent more than 20 years as a school administrator in Westchester, serving as Director of Special Education in Irvington. She also served as the Director of Special Education and Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Development in Edgemont. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University, a Master’s in Education from New York University, and a Doctorate in School Leadership from Fordham University. She is here to help.


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