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Darryl Tiggle has acquired more than three decades of expertise in his field, with 20 years of experience working in college admissions before moving on to lead a successful college counseling office at Friends School of Baltimore. Previously Darryl was Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Tufts University where he gained valuable insight into the world of highly selective college admissions. He began his career at Union College (NY), his alma mater, in 1992 as admissions counselor and rose to the leadership role of Associate Dean.

Darryl is nationally recognized for his expertise in every aspect of the college admission process. Throughout his career, he has been featured in several admissions publications including the NY Times best-selling book, “Who Gets in and Why.” In 2021 he was recognized by The Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) organization as a Counselors Who Change Lives.  Darryl has an extensive network of college admissions professionals with whom he continually collaborates. He has sat in on admissions selection for a variety of highly selective institutions, including colleges in the Ivy League and NESCAC like Dartmouth College and Middlebury College.  Darryl has also served on selection committees for prestigious scholarships at Davidson College and Lafayette College. He regularly trains new admissions professionals and conducts presentations and workshops for organizations including The College Board and the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Darryl is a regularly invited guest on admissions podcasts including The Admissions Beat and College Guidance Network.

Darryl is called upon often for his insights on topics in college admissions.  He sits on the advisory board for the College Board’s College Counseling Advisory Group (CCAG) and their Counseling Admissions Advisory Council (CAAC).  Darryl is also a member of Southern Methodist University (SMU) advisory board.

Darryl is passionate about sharing his knowledge to make the college admission process more accessible and less mysterious. He has a special interest in how the admission process is perceived from the student and parent perspective and is known for putting families at ease.

Darryl Tiggle



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