Chloe Irving

College Education Consultant
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Chloe Irving has more than five years of experience in college counseling. She began editing Common App essays as a Junior at Brown University. After graduating, Chloe worked as an admissions coach while reporting for InStyle, Forbes, and Shape. As a consultant, Chloe combines her journalistic research and narrative writing skills with her deep understanding of the college admissions landscape to help students highlight their strengths and discover their unique voices.

Chloe believes that every applicant has a compelling story that, with the right mentorship, can translate into a stand-out application. Organized and empathetic, her hands-on, straightforward approach is geared towards keeping students on track and reducing stress on families as they navigate this ever-changing process. Chloe meticulously studies program rankings, political environment, diversity, academic accommodations, and social culture to help students find options that best align with their values, passions, and learning styles. She puts care into getting to know every client on a personal level in order to help curate a list of schools they love and ultimately choose their ideal fit.

Chloe is based in New York City and is pursuing an M.F.A. in writing from New York University. In her spare time, she volunteers as a National Crisis Hotline counselor and writes and produces radio stories about mental health and healthcare for NPR.

Chloe Irving



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