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Your Path to Success

For the past twenty years, Smart City Kids advisors have successfully guided parents and children through the admissions process for entrance into Independent and Public Schools. We support families at all stages of their children’s educational journey, from nursery school through college and also including special education. We are here to support all of your needs – from admissions timelines to nuances and strategies for the complicated process of applying to schools for your child.

What You’ll Get

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our 20 years of experience as we skillfully navigate the admissions process, ensuring a smooth journey for both parents and children, regardless of the educational stage, be it nursery school or college, including special education.

Tailored Support

Receive personalized assistance to address all your family's needs, from admissions timelines to nuanced strategies, making the complicated school application process stress-free and successful for your child.

Educational Empowerment

Partner with Smart City Kids to secure a bright educational future for your child, as we guide you through the intricacies of applying to Independent and Public Schools, providing valuable insights and effective strategies

Our Process

Understand your needs as a family and what schools are looking for:

  • Your values in education
  • Who your child is as a person and a learner
  • The overall application process

An informal evaluation of the child by the consultant.

  • Younger kids will be led through activities.
  • Grades 5+ will be assessed via an interview and a diagnostic exam designed to evaluate their skills and curriculum retention.

A meeting between parents and their consultant to discuss the assessment/diagnostic results and to brainstorm a school list. 

Our writing specialist, Lisa Schalk, will work with families to craft a long, standard essay that can be adapted per school specific questions.

Consultants will meet with each family and guide them through standard interview questions as well as how to approach them with their desired school values in mind.

An evaluation of every meeting you’ve had thus far, both with SCK consultants and with schools. We assess how your ranking and preferences may have shifted throughout the process, and work together to create a strategy in anticipation of notifications.

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