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Don’t Forget to Hug Your Kids

April 2, 2024

by Lisa Schalk

I love living on an island.

I love riding my bike to work up First Avenue catching glimpses, block by block, of the morning sunlight dancing on the stage of the East River. The ferry boats, barges, and tugs gliding along the river make me think of Manhattan’s many ports and the historical river commerce that came to define it as a vibrant, eclectic, and ever-changing magnet for culture. The influx of new ideas, art, goods, music, and people from around the world that has been at play for generations is what has made New York the incredible sounding board it is.

Sometimes we who live here forget or take for granted all that we can envelop in a wide embrace of our city. Enmeshed in the daily details and responsibilities of our lives, let’s not forget to look up and revel in our surroundings!

When you model curiosity, love of adventure, and the joy of learning to your children by exploring the city’s gems, you set the stage for them to become life-long learners. When you expose them to the shimmering mosaic of diversity through cuisine, art, music, and theater you lay the groundwork for social and emotional growth, empathy, and critical thinking.

So open your arms and hug New York this spring. Soak up its museums, restaurants, parks, tours, and theaters with your young learners in tow. No matter the ages of your children, there’s truly something for everyone. Join your toddler in the wonder of discovery when you visit the Bronx Zoo or any of the city’s botanical gardens or arboretums. Grow your middle-schooler’s inner life by taking in Theater on or off Broadway, Dance at Lincoln Center, or Symphony at Carnegie Hall. Treat your teens to a family activity of their choice and learn alongside them in a common, memory-building experience.

New York is here for the taking and for the good of all who partake!




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