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Smart City Kids’ online workshops are open to the public. We are also available to conduct private workshops to corporations, non-profit organizations, parent groups, religious organizations, and schools!

Workshops We Offer:

  • Nursery school admissions and other early childhood development workshops for parents
  • Identifying and Working with Special Needs Children
  • Early Childhood Development for Parents
  • Executive Function Skills for Parents
  • Kindergarten & Lower School

  • Demystifying the Kindergarten Admissions Process for NYC Parents

Middle School
  • Purposeful Learning in Middle School Childhood/Early Adolescence

High School
  • Setting the Tone for High School: Developing Independence in Early Adolescence

College Admission
  • How to Take Advantage of High School with an Eye Towards College

If your school or company would be interested in offering one of these workshops, please call Smart City Kids at: (212) 249-4066 or email us at: info@smartcitykids.com
Welcome to Beyond the Park Bench, where Smart City Kids discusses important admissions topics and our favorite parenting tips! Each month, we pick pertinent articles as they relate to the admissions cycle, and write a small piece to share some of our expertise with you. Check out our latest newsletter here!

While there are no events currently scheduled for Smart City Kids, you may view our past workshops below. You may also keep track of any upcoming events on the Smart City Kids Eventbrite Page.

For more information, you may also call Smart City Kids at:

T: (212) 249-4066

or email us at:

E: info@smartcitykids.com

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