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In addition to supporting in all aspects of the admissions process, Smart City Kids also extends its services to schools and corporations, offering guidance on parenting, education, admissions, and relocation. We provide workshops to organizations on issues related to school admissions, parenting, education, and child development, with the option to customize workshops to meet specific community needs.

Workshops We Offer:

Parenting and Child Development

  • Expecting and New Parents
  • Parents Need Lifting Up, Too!
  • Executive Functioning and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Navigating Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood
  • Navigating Power Struggles with Young Children
  • Understanding Child Anxiety & Modeling Healthy Coping
  • Developing a Growth Mindset in Children
  • Parenting a Child with ADHD
  • Inspiring Volunteer Work

Nursery and Public School Admissions

  • Nursery, K-12 Admissions
    • Choose a division you would like a workshop on!
  • Boarding School Admissions
  • Understanding the NYC Public School System from Pre-K to HS
  • Understanding NYC Public High School Admissions


  • College Admissions
  • College Admissions & Athletic Recruiting
  • College Mock Admissions Committee
  • Thinking Outside the Ivy Box
  • An Intro to Studying Abroad
  • Colleges for Students Who Need Extra Support
  • Don’t Waste Your Summers!

If your school or company would be interested in offering one of these workshops, please call Smart City Kids at: (212) 249-4066 or email us at: ericapapir@smartcitykids.com.

In case you missed it...

All of our free workshops are made available on our YouTube channel! Please click on the video adjacent to view our latest workshop, or click on the button below to visit our channel!

Executive Function Workshop | Dr. Jane Gertler & Meghan Lisle

Dr. Jane Gertler, Smart City Kids Educational Consultant, and Meghan Lisle, Smart City Tutors Executive Function Coach, have provided an overview of the cluster of skills under the executive function umbrella. They presented specific executive function strategies to help students with organization, time management, and cognitive flexibility. As a result of this workshop, parents will understand the importance of executive function skills in ensuring that students meet the demands of school now and in the future.[+] Show More

Ask an Expert!

Visit our blog, Tell Me What To Do, in which we write about all things education and all things parent. Our resident
writing specialist, Lisa Schalk, comes to you with the perspective of a seasoned parent, a former teacher of 17 years,
and a current educational specialist at Smart City Kids. Her mission is to share wisdom she has accumulated
through her education, and her professional and life experience. In addition to sharing observations about the
world at large, her mission is to analyze and demystify various aspects of education that might puzzle you as a
parent. Click below to see our latest posts, or to see our full archive!


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