We customize packages to fit the needs of your family

We are Here to Support You

If your child is or will be entering school anytime soon, Smart City Kids can provide invaluable advice and assistance that will make your life easier and support your success. If you are interested in learning more about a one-on-one session, you can contact us by phone at 212-249-4066 or email at

After a preliminary discussion about your child, your plans, and your goals for admissions, we can decide on the best way to work together.  We begin with an initial consultation for you and your family.

We assist our private clients in many ways, whatever you feel you need. If you have limited issues you’d like advice on, we can work with you on just those specifics. If you want support from the beginning of your search until you’ve signed a contract for school, we’ll do that as well.

You can choose to get assistance in any or all of these areas:

  • assist you in creating a strategic admissions plan
  • help you decide between public or private schools
  • help you identify schools that are a good match for your child and family
  • help you understand your child’s learning style, and recommend appropriate schools to meet your child’s needs
  • clarify the differences between private schools and gifted and talented programs
  • assist you in completing applications, including essay writing
  • prepare parents and older children for interviews
  • support your older child in writing application essays
  • help you understand test required for public and private schools
  • assess your child for test readiness
  • help you work with your child on areas needing strengthening for testing
  • offer tutoring support and referrals where needed
  • recommend testers for the Hunter College Elementary test
  • assist you in writing post-visit thank-you letters
  • help you decide on first choice school
  • assist you in writing first choice letter
  • Advise you on procedures for obtaining financial assistance, and assist you in completing request for financial assistance forms
  • provide ongoing strategizing as you go through the admissions process
  • answer questions you have throughout the process
  • provide outreach to ongoing schools related to your application file
  • connect you to parents of children attending schools of interest, and when the admissions process ends, introduce you to other parents whose children will be attending school with your child
  • help you communicate with your nursery school director
  • support you if you are wait-listed or who don’t get into the schools you want
  • proactively remind you what you need to do at each stage of the process
  • help you find last minute places when circumstances change or you relocate to the City
  • offer emotional support as you navigate this process
  • recommend neuro-psychologists for students with potential learning needs disability
  • read school and neuro-psychological reports to determine fit
  • recommend schools serving children with special needs, and helping families through the admissions process
  • advising families on getting services through the NYC Board of Education