Relocation Services

Moving to the Big Apple is often a daunting task


Moving to New York City with children can be extremely overwhelming. You will be navigating a completely different, and extremely competitive, education system with its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. We’re here to help.

It is not simply about finding a school for your child—it is about helping your family reestablish a new life and community in New York City.

-Erica Papir, Smart City Kids Nursery School Advisor

Smart City Kids is the leading educational consulting firm that helps families identify New York City private and public school options for their children. Smart City Kids was the first and is the longest running consulting firm in New York City dedicated to providing admissions advice and strategy for families seeking placement, from Nursery School through College admissions and including special needs. It is the organization that schools, non-profits, corporations, and agencies that serve children and families go to for in-depth advice and customized insights into the complicated and competitive process of admissions.

Whether you are at the planning stages of your move to New York City or you have already arrived, we have the expertise in house to assist you with all elements of your move. We can help you navigate every variable, ranging from where to live, where to go to school, where to access the best pediatrician, and more. Most importantly, we understand that our clients may be moving to the Big Apple from anywhere across the globe, so we are committed to assisting you no matter where you are in the world.

Our Services

We offer a variety of packages for our clients that range from partial to full-service. Our services include:

1) Admissions Process Support
Our work with families begins with an initial consultation, when an advisor meets with you to give you an overview of the admissions process. In this conversation, we are also eager to learn your values and priorities and to thoroughly understand your children. Your family needs are important to us, and we will use those priorities to guide our sense of which schools might be a good fit for your children and your family. To learn more about our comprehensive services for the admissions process, please visit the For Parents section.

2) Guidance on transition years
In America, the most common transition years for children to begin at a new school are nursery school, kindergarten, 6th grade, or 9th grade. Is your family moving during the middle of the year or during an “off-year” in your children’s educational career? With our extensive, on-the-ground knowledge of the New York City schools, we can do the research to determine where there may be space for your children. We have long standing relationships with Admissions Officers throughout the city and schools therefore value and trust our recommendations.

3) Settling Down
When you are relocating to the city, it can be extremely difficult to coordinate finding your new home and visiting potential schools. We can identify where there are spaces in private schools, coordinate a schedule for school visits, help with interview preparation, provide feedback on essays, and help with all components of the application process. All these services can occur either in person, on the phone, or via Skype depending on your needs.