Empathy and expertise drive everything we do


Roxana Reid, founder of Smart City Kids, is an educational professional and parent who has gone through the nursery, independent, public, boarding school and college admissions process with her two children. No matter how often parents apply to schools, it is a daunting, frustrating, and emotionally difficult task. With this in mind, Smart City Kids was formed.

Our goal is to support students’ self-actualization. What we mean by that is that if school is the place where children spend the most amount of time, then it should also be the place where they get to reflect on who they are, reflect on their family’s values, and envision a world they could change. That’s the essence of what I hope to achieve here.
-Roxana Reid, Founder

Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to help families clarify and identify the most ideal fit schools for the student by providing expert advice, guidance and emotional support during the admissions process.  As the leading admissions consulting group in NYC, Smart City Kids works hard to help reduce the stress of the admissions experience for both parents and students, to empower parents to take control during the process and to reduce the time and energy parents spend researching all of their options.