College Advising

Helping you make sense of college admissions, and what it takes to get there


Smart City Kids College Division supports students in meeting their post-secondary educational goals by providing individualized guidance through the college admission process. Our aim is not just to help students gain acceptance to their top-choice colleges, we also hope that through this process we can help students self-actualize on their path to becoming lifelong learners.

Our consultants come with significant expertise in the field of highly selective college admissions and our warm but honest approach will help families strategize in a way to give themselves the most options for college. Choose among our 5, 10-hour, and unlimited packages to get the support that best fits your needs.

Founder’s son, Armani Cotton, Yale ’15 – Current Professional Basketball Player


How we can help

No matter where you are in your high school journey, we can help. In our initial consultation, we will create a customized plan to help you navigate the admissions process. Our services include:

Academic Planning

  • Refine course of study for four years of high school
  • Extracurricular activity guidance and suggestions
  • Advice on nurturing relationships with teachers and school administrators
  • Plan standardized testing timeline

School Selection/College Lists

  • Identify a healthy mix of schools that are good fits for you
  • Plan college visits and prepare for interviews
  • How to best take advantage of college tours

Essay Preparation

  • Brainstorm topics and how to best share your story
  • Edit drafts and help guide revision process
  • Assist with supplemental essay prompts and short answer questions

Admissions Strategies

  • Learn how to read like an admission officer
  • Obtain great letters of recommendation and cultivate relationships
  • How to demonstrate interest to top-choice schools
  • Interview preparation
  • Streamline the unwieldy application process with organizational tools

Additional Support on an “as needed” basis